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I had a chance of touring around Intramuros by car since I have a friend who live in Manila.  I felt ashamed to tell them that I want to walk around slowly, reminiscing the Philippine history and taking pictures as much as I want because they have children to attend to after the tour.  They just let me see how does the Intramuros looks and I am glad that her husband let us out to take a picture of the Manila Cathedral.  It was blazing hot and unfortunately, the Cathedral was closed for renovation.

While walking going to Intramuros Park, I saw a man in “Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)” uniform.  So I asked him if I can take a picture with him and he gladly accepted and make a pose with my friend.

Palacio del Gobernador (Palace of the Government or Government Palace) 🙂

Inside Intramuros Park:

Calesa (Horse Carriage)

Baluartillo and reducto de San Francisco Javier:

Cannon on the roof of the Church:

These couple had fun playing the cannon:

Baluarte ruins:

Old and abandoned building:

The blue bus driver:

Curious what’s inside the cannon.  I think she is thinking if she can fit inside it.

Imagine how big a cannon and the bullet is:

The anchor:


GOMBURZA is an acronym denoting the surnames of the priests Mariano Gomez, Jose Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, three Filipino priests who were executed on 17 February (my father’s birthday) 1872.

Going inside the “Walled City”:

Rajah Sulayman Theater:

Rizal Shrine:

Going further:

I wanna go inside just to feel and smell the history but then it was closed, “The Dungeons”:

Inside Jose Rizal’s gallery.

His clothes:

Paintings and furnitures of Rizal:

Jose Rizal's "arenola"

The original book of El Filibusterismo (The Filibuster) and Noli Me Tangere (Do Not Touch Me).

And yes, it’s more fun in the Philippines!




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