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Notes by yeyette on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 under Bintan
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It’s my last day here at Mutiara Guesthouse and I don’t intend to wake up early but the waves are calling me.  As usual, I took my camera out with me and take the opportunity to see the magnificent sunrise again.

Bintan sunrise



After I satisfied myself, I went back to my tent and put my camera down.  Since it was a low tide, I decided to jog, barefoot.  It was refreshing.  Then at the far end of the beach, it was foggy.  So the drops on my tent every morning was from a fog, not from a rain.  I smiled and I felt amazing.  This experience was new to me.  So please, travel.  If you need to travel alone, then go.  Experience life outside your comfort zone.

I saw these arts of the sea creature and I went back to get my camera to share it with you.





There are a lot of them, so to be able to take a picture in different styles, I have to jump to not to step on it and it was pure fun.  I was alone and jumping and laughing.  I felt like a child again.  Oh, I missed those days.  Anyway, after a while, I saw the couple-neighbour-camping doing yoga.  I don’t want to invade their privacy so I just let them pose their way and enjoying the sweet, warm sunrise.

I enjoyed the beach once again, reading on the sand and swim and leave my things behind.


It was lunchtime and the staff approached us again.  I ordered Mutiara Aglio Olio (this is one of my favorite pasta, by the way) and I want to try their recipe.  Oh they will asked what time you want them to serve and where do you want to eat.  Either in the restaurant (al fresco) or they will serve you wherever you are sitting right now.  I let them serve at 1PM, which is only 12noon in Singapore and I told him that I will eat in the restaurant.

2014-04-20 12.58.05

I love the simplicity of the ingredients in their Aglio Olio.  It was not dry and not too much oil and I love the taste.  The shrimp and the tomatoes are all fresh and you can taste its sweetness.  I just love it!

I already packed all my things up and put it in the reception area while waiting for 6PM.  It’s the time the taxi will fetch me and bring me to the terminal.  I went back to the seaside and wrote my journal when suddenly it rains.  Not that heavy anyway and the guests still enjoying the day.  By the way, bring an insect repellent because there are small insects enjoying a bites in you.

I paid my bill at 5PM and it was only $65 for 3 days and 2 nights!  I saved a lot.  My budget for the resort was $100 excluding the taxi and I still have $35 in me which I can add to my investment.

You can email Mr. Thalmann at or call at telephone no. at +62-812-702 8298.  You can also visit

Enjoy your days!

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