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We checked out at 10AM and leave our things in the baggage claim so that we can roam around the city proper of Macau freely.  There’s a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the city just outside the hotel.

Going to the Ruins of St. Paul:

The good jump!

Crowded street.

The Ruins of St. Paul

St. Paul ruins

ruins of St. Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul

While my partners are downstairs taking pictures, I walked around and saw that there was a Museum.  I went inside and these are what I saw:

Monstrance from Penha Church.  This is an Asia Portuguese work, early 19th century.  It’s a gilded silver with semi-precious stones.


You can hear Gregorian chants and it’s lovely.

17th Century silver incense holder.

Michael Archangel



St. Anne teaching Virgin Mary to read.

Holy wafer box.




We went back to the hotel at 3PM to get our things and head down to Taipa Ferry Terminal.  We bought the ticket and we are set back to Hong Kong.

Bridge connecting from Macau to Tai Pa Village.

We arrived in Hong Kong at around 6PM and booked a ticket directly for Ngong Ping 360, which is located in Lantau Island, Hong Kong’s cable car.  We bought the standard one way ticket for HKD180 and stop in Ngong Ping village.  There’s a free shuttle bus going to the Tung Chung Station only until 7:30PM.




The village with the big Buddha.


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