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We arrived in Malé at 10AM and the travel time to Mahibadhoo was at 4PM via public speedboat. It was still early to check the ferry but I wanted to know where the ferry is located. I went around the city and again, there was a guy approached me asking me where will I go. I think it’s a norm in Malé that people will ask you if you looked like a tourist. It’s either their way of business or they are just trying to help. I told him I will go to Mahibadhoo and I want to know where is the ferry to Mahibadhoo since there’s a lot of port in Malé. He said he don’t know and asked me there is a number he can call. I gave the number I found on the website and he called the number immediately. After they talked, he told me that there is a man who will fetch me and send me to the ferry terminal. We talked while waiting for the guide, which will arrive in 15 minutes time. He said he has a shop which he showed me, the name of the shop was Shop Number 4 just near the plaza and the terminal. I told him I will buy when I leave Maldives.

After 15 minutes, a man named Mohamed approached us and told me that he is the guide from Noovilu. I asked Ibrahim, the guy who helped how much do I owe him for the call. He said, no, he is glad to help. I promised him that I will buy from his shop as long as they will open at 8AM. Ibrahim’s number is +9607519193 in case you need help in Malé.

Mohamed sent me to the ferry riding his motorbike. It was near the tsunami tower or a walk from Sultan Park. It is called Villingili Ferry Terminal. He put my bag inside the ferry and told me to come back around 2-3pm.

Remember this place to Mahibadhoo jetty

If you cannot find the ferry and you have to call the guesthouse, they will call their staff assigned in Malé to fetch you wherever you are in Malé. They will charge USD15.00. My mistake was that, I didn’t read carefully in their website that there is this charge for pickup/drop off. So if you wanna go there and wants to save USD15, go and save this page.

MYNA, name of the boat going to Mahibadhoo

I went back to Kuthu Hut to have my lunch and have a little chit-chat with the server.

Looking closely of Sultan Park:

Sultan Park

Philippine embassy:

Philippine embassy in Maldives

Philippine embassy in Maldives

After all the walking by killing time, it’s time to go back to the terminal and I don’t want to walk anymore. It was so hot I took a taxi.

There’s a note at the back of the driver’s seat. It’s a scheduled fare rate by time. I paid MVR30 (USD2) to Villingili terminal.

Inside the public speed boat:

Before stopping to Mahibadhoo, the speedboat will stop to an island first. Mahibadhoo is the second island that they stopped.

Afternoon fishing

Malé to Mahibadhoo is an hour 30 minutes by public speedboat for only USD30. Ferry will be around USD6 but it will take you a 4 hours and 30 minutes ride.

We reached at the island for almost 6PM and it’s getting dark. Ishah, one of the staff fetch us from the terminal and he is so friendly that you can immediately like him.

I booked my room from their website under promotion for only USD95, full board. They called it Budget Traveler Room. But since the normal rate was USD125, the co-owner let me pay that amount first and will just deduct the balance after checking-out. You have to check their website because they might change the rate. I was expecting a small room but what my eyes saw was a big, clean room and I love the smell of the crisp linen. It smells so clean! I guess because the room is new but then, I love it. Their was a single bed inside which they can still put another bed.

The Amazing Noovilu’s Budget Traveler Room

Cute, isn’t it?

The only bad side is that the water is salty you don’t want to brush your teeth. But they provide free bottled water. You can get anytime you need at the reception.

They have safety plan as well.

Where guests meets-up and where I first played UNO card game with them.

Outside the guesthouse

Amazing Noovilu

Amazing Noovilu. The name behind Amazing Noovilu was taken from the owner’s name, named Mazin Noovilu. He was our host from that time and we will so comfortable and welcoming and he is indeed an amazing host!

I walked around for a while to explore the surrounding and saw a Dhoni, Maldive’s traditional boat.

Maldives traditional boat

Dhoni, Maldive’s traditional boat

We went to Mazin’s house to have our dinner at around 8PM. There was only one but big table for all the guest to bond together and getting to know each other. It was fun having new friends from anywhere in the world. Mazin asked us what we want to do on the next morning and everybody agreed for a picnic in a deserted island.

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  1. Joey Foo

    Hi ,

    I read about your trip to the Amazing Noovilu and hope you can gives us some advice . Its our first trip to Maldives and we are on a budget , so would like to ask if there are any shops in Mahibadhoo where i can buy bottled water ?
    How is the food , rooms at the guest house. Do they bring you to the activities as you wanted and is the prices same as shown on the website ?
    Do we wait for everyone in the guest house to attend the same activities then we are able to go for it ?
    Hope you can reply soon so we can make a decision on Liberty or Amazing Noovilu .


    • Hello Joey,

      Yes, there are shops in Mahibadhoo. Amazing Noovilu gives free bottled water to all their guests so you don’t have to worry about it. Food are great, fresh and was cooked by Mazin’s (the owner) mother. Rooms are big and clean, though the last time I stayed there, the water for shower was salty, quiet reasonable since it’s an island.

      As for the activities, you can request Mazin which one you would like to do and he can arrange with that together with some other guest. And yes, prices are the same as shown on the website. Mazin will ask everyone during dinner which activities you would like to do. And yes, I recommend you to stay there.

      Have an enjoyable journey!

      Love, Trekkersnotes

  2. Joey

    Thanks for the advice , it helps lots .

    I am sure we will have a great time in Maldives .


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