Meeting the “Legend”

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We were all excited to travel to Buscalan to meet Apo Whang-Od, the last “mambabatok”, the legend. We left Maligcong at 9am and the next jeepney was at 12noon so we decided to walk from the guesthouse going to where there are “motorela or tuktuk” to Bontoc.

We had fun walking along the way and make stops to take crazy photos.

The view of Bontoc.

Bontoc view

Bontoc view

Stay away, bitches.

An old volk parked along the highway. Old but still lovely.

An old volk

An old volk

We walked for 30 minutes and then a few minutes ride to the town. We took the 12noon jeepney and it took us almost 2 hours ride to Buscalan but riding on top of the jeepney was fun even though it was too hot!

A view we took while riding on top of the jeepney.

We’ve meet these kids along the way, going up to Buscalan.

A narrow path going to the village.

We bought food enough for our stay and share to the house we’ve stayed.

It was cold and a bottle of beer will become your companion. That’s Php50.00 for a small one.

We settled at 8pm and was excited to meet the legend in the morning.

We woke up at around 6am and I walked around to see the beauty of the village.

Lady with her rice.

At the roof top of a new built house.

The sun slowly peaks out of the mountain.

At 7:30am, Apo Whang-od started her tattoo work as well as her grandniece, Grace.

Tracing up to get ready for a tattoo. Nope, it’s not my bicep.

The start of needling or inking or poking whatever the term is. They used lemon thorn as “needle”, charcoal for the ink and some bamboo stick. I asked the guy if it hurts and he said, “Yes”.

The materials.

The designs.

Tattoo price ranges from Php500 to Php2,500, depends on how big is the tattoo. We did not stay for long and bid goodbye because we are still heading to Sagada.

I did not get a tattoo but swear that I will be back.

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