Mingle With The Locals by Watching the Spectacular Sunset

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Watching the magnificent sunset all alone is not a bad idea (but it won’t happen unless you are the sole survivor in an island) but to make it worthwhile even though you are traveling alone, mingle with the locals.

Walk to your left side when you go out from Amazing Noovilu’s guesthouse. Walk all the way where you can see a tower, turn right and you will see the locals chatting by the lagoon waiting for the sunset.

The sun slowly change its color when I reached the area and it was friendly enough for you to look at it . The sky shifts its color from blue to orange.

I saw kids and teens playing and running around and their mothers watching them, chatting with each other.

Maldives sunset

I walked slowly (I’m the only foreigner this time in this area) as if not to disturb their moment when suddenly I saw kids jumping to the lagoon. I didn’t catch that moment so I walked to the parents (that’s how you court a girl in Asia, go to the parents first, haha) and said hi, in all smile. They paused for a moment, smile froze on their lips and as if they were hypnotized, I asked them if I can take a photo of their kids jumping on the lagoon. One mother said yes and laughed.

I went to the group of teens giggling on the lagoon and asked how deep is it. One girl said it’s about 3 meters deep. It was just a small lagoon in that area but really looks deep because of its different color. Foreigners are allowed to swim here but not on their bikini. Then I asked if they can jump again and I will take a photo of them. The boy shouted something that I don’t understand. I thought he won’t like it but the girls laugh and they said it’s fine. Then the boy said, “It’s fine”.

So I walked out and position myself to capture their every jump and they are giggling, pointing who goes first. I just let them do whatever they want to do, while I was standing a meter away, also giggling.

After satisfying myself with the view, I walked back to them to say thank you. They were giggling again and said you’re welcome simultaneously. I also went to the parents to say thank you and I can see the happiness on their face.

I walked back to my room with a light feeling and happiness engulf my senses. I was thinking when can I come back again, I will surely come back.

I took a shower and keep all my belongings to get ready for checking-out and dinner at Mazin’s newly built rooftop restaurant. We will be leaving in Mahibadhoo at 2AM to Malé together with a fellow couple guest from Australia and Ishah, Mazin’s staff. The ferry will take 4 hours ride before reaching to Malé and it only costs around US$6.00.


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