Morning walk at Huraa, Kaafu Atoll

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I always love the sunset and the sunrise. I woke up at 5:45 to see the sunrise. The sun will up at 6:15AM at the back of the guesthouse. As I walked around, I saw local women jogging and walking with their dress on. Don’t be surprised, it’s their culture.

You can sit on the lounge but you cannot swim here with your bikini.

An early morning walk like this view will surely bring a smile on your face.

sunrise in maldives

Sunrise at Huraa, Kaafu Atoll

I walked until the end but only saw a file of garbage. I walked back and I saw a guy smiling at me, greeting a good morning. We talked for a while and I asked him if he knows a place where we can swim with our bikini. He said yes, just behind the garbage.

Me: At the garbage?

Aruf (his name): Yes, but it’s a distance from the garbage.

Me: So I have to go to the garbage to reach there?

Aruf: No. Come, I’ll show you.

Yes, he was kind enough to walked with me going to the so called bikini beach. While walking, I learned that he came from a far away island and is working in Malé.  He worked as a social worker in drug rehabilitation center.

From the garbage area, walk to your left then to your right and you will see the below, beautifully lined-up dwarf coconut trees going to bikini beach.

bikini beach in huraa

Bikini beach in Huraa, Kaafu Atoll

This bikini beach is made especially for foreigners. Yes, you can wear your bikini here that is why it is called bikini beach. Since it was still early, only the two of us are in the beach except one lady foreigner jogging at the  football field near here. We only swim for a few minutes. I don’t feel comfortable swimming with him.

Heron in Maldives


After a while, I went back to the guesthouse to take my breakfast. During breakfast, I meet three lovely ladies from Germany. One girl named Maria was celebrating her 21st birthday. Her two friends are so sweet singing her happy birthday in their room early in the morning. My room was next to theirs so I can hear them singing. I joined in their table and after breakfast, we walked together with other German couple around the island. We found a handcraft shop that the products are made from coconut.

the owner of the shop

The shop was half open but they let us in.

If you go to Huraa, buy here than in Malé. I went around Malé and their products are expensive.

The finished products:

Huraa’s handcraft

handcraft in Maldives

After buying some, we head down to our left and a few minutes, we saw another shops.

It was so hot that we went to the bikini beach. I did not swim, I just sat under the tree.

Bikini beach at Huraa

After lunch, the group want to go for a snorkeling. They asked me if I want to go. I said yes but I will stay on the boat if the current is strong. True enough, the waves are big. While watching them snorkel like crazy, I just stayed on the boat chatting with the speed boat driver. Man, those Germans are good!

After almost an hour, they came back and Musthafa told the driver to drop me and him near the island. He was so adamant, yes, him, to let me snorkel. When he was in the water, I told him that I won’t go down but all the group were watching me and so I did. It was fun and I love it! Thanks for the courage Musthafa!

After a few minutes of circling around, the driver came back to fetch us up. I took a shower then went out to see the sunset. I only bought my handphone with me. Carla, Maria and Kim were also there. Then, the Turkish couple joined and sat beside me. Maria and Kim were on the canoe while Carla took their picture.

I took the timelapse instead and just stare at the magnificent sunset.

After watching the sunset, we get ready for dinner. Musthafa got a covered restaurant, surprising everybody. Kim told me that they just build it in 3 days! He announced that there will be a ribbon cutting to officially open the restaurant. He asked if there is any guest that wants to cut the ribbon. One couple volunteered.


After dinner, Maria was surprised by the cake. She surely didn’t expect the kind gesture of her friends. Then, two staffs broke an egg on her head for a lucky day.

Below is the video for the birthday girl. It will rotate in a few seconds.


It was a fun day, fun night, fun moment with random friends.

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