Why You Need to Visit Bukchon Hanok Village

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Admit it, it’s already 2016 and all the old memories are gone, lost or preserved. There is no time travel machine exist (if it exist, I will gladly try it and visit the past) and experience it myself including Game of Thrones and meet John Snow, haha. Kidding aside, you can relieve memories by visiting the place where every country, at least, preserved it. Like in Korea, you will see tall buildings everywhere, but in the middle of that place, there is this village called Bukchon.

They preserved the old houses and rich people stayed there. And, good news to those who don’t want to pay for a tour guide, they will guide you for free. But you have to book 3 days before your desired schedule at Visit Korea. They offer English, Japanese and Chinese tour guide.

Our guide was an English professor.

I can’t resist!

Cute owls

How much is that owl in the window?

Listening to the guide.


Beautiful mat.

You have to leave your shoes or slippers outside before you can go inside the house.

I love the design of their door.

Knock knock!

Going around the area before going to the village

She got excited when she saw these couple wearing their traditional dress, “Hanbok”.

You won’t run out of coffee in Korea.

You are not allowed to take a photo inside the houses of Old Hanok. I was taking photos when the staff told me not to take photos of the display. I’ve got one anyway.

The displays are not for sale. They only display the artwork of the artist which you can buy from small shops anywhere in the city.

No, I didn’t display this because I’m thirsty. This is Hyangonju, a clear rice wine made with glutinous rice as the starch source. It’s an alcoholic beverage for the exclusive consumption of royal families in Seoul. Another reason to visit Bukchon. But you are lucky if you will meet the master craftsman of this alcohol. We did!

Starch made of glutinous rice.

Well preserved and smells good.

With her highness, the only certified craft master of the above wine, Madam Park Hyun Sook.

They said we have the same eyes, wot! wot!

Visiting the Bukchon Village where rich and famous people lives. Quiet please!

Happy kid 😉

Bukchon Village

An “almost” closer look at the military base camp in South Korea.

Fatum Coffee and Wine

Want to compose your own perfume? Visit Atelier G. Perfume Studio

Compose your own perfume

Students playing softball during their free time.

The Daydreamer

After Bukchon, we went to Insa-Dong, where everything is cute!

Because we are not allowed to take a photo of this shop, I carefully sneak my hand on the shutter while my head is facing on the other side.

Here’s the result!

Me, during my training

This Ossuloc Roasted Green Tea is the best!

The handsome ice-cream boy.

Street performer.

DVD Shop on the second floor.

South Korea’s subway!

DDP Design Shop & Mall

Design shop

Gangnam is like between Orchard and Raffles Place of Singapore.

Sadly, I cannot find Grey’s necktie 😀

And who couldn’t resist Korea’s wine?

Sweet Soju

And of course, Kimchi!

And I noticed that Korean’s like to fry the veges with egg.

Makgeolli or known as Makkoli is a sweet beverage alcoholic wine made from fermented rice.

Inside the coffee bean in South Korea.

1599-0505 Burger King Delivery

South Korea Burger King Delivery

I didn’t get drunk because I drank a lot, but we did try every possible alcoholic beverage we can see and it makes me giddy! Konbe! Seoul.


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