On the Road to Bagan

Notes by yeyette on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 under A Week in Myanmar, Bagan
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We bid goodbye at 9AM the next morning with Mimi’s family. They sent me back to Pyin Oo Lwin  terminal going to Bagan.

We arrived in the terminal at 9:20AM and at 9:30, the bus leaves, no, it was not a bus, it was a van. It supposed to leave at 10AM but maybe there’s no passenger anymore so it leaves earlier than expected. But along the way, it stops, picking up not passengers but their items to drop along the way as well. It was like a trade van.

Ride to Bagan from Pyin Oo Lwin was about 6 hours ride for USD16.80. It was a scenic ride. I was sitting near the door and the assistant driver asked me where will I stay in Bagan. I told him Pann Cherry (though I didn’t book yet). He knows the guesthouse and he said they will drop me near the guesthouse. Again, I’m a happy traveler!

Then the road become narrower. This is how narrow the road is:

Skin to skin. That’s how narrow the road is.

We stop for a quick lunch and toilet break.

Their other way of transportation.

I hope Putin won’t read this:

And a one way bridge. We have to wait for the other car to pass before our turn.

Looks like a railway track.

Yes, it is.

Trade van:

The herd and her goats


I can’t wait to see Bagan.

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