Picnic in a Deserted Island

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We woke up at around 8AM to get ready for a picnic at the deserted island. We will take our breakfast there and the travel time from the resort to the island was around 20 mins. Mazin’s mother prepare all the food for us, breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dessert.

I find time to take some pictures in Mazin’s lawn while waiting for the group.


Australian cockatoo

There is always a luck of the Irish 🙂

luck of the irish

Luck of the Irish


Maldive’s traditional hammock: It’s everywhere.

Maldives traditional hammock

Their parrot, Richie is rich of colors. Don’t worry, he is free to fly around the island. He always come back for a free good food. Hmmmm… lucky him.


We set the sail at around 9AM. When we arrived at the island, it was like, ahhh… finally, the island is ours. It was beautiful. The color of the sea and the sky was the same! Fruiti or Forte, one of the curly-cute-funny-staff prepare the breakfast for us while we all walk the island exploring. It was freakin’ hot and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack! Haha. I have to drink water every minute and took a dip at the ocean to ease the heat.

The funny thing was the birds. There’s a nest on the grass and when we go near the grass, the bird attack us, but no harm done 🙂

angry bird



The crab curiosity:

Preparing our breakfast which consists of Prata, Tuna with coconut flakes (I almost died because of it’s amazing, delicious taste! It’s my first time eating it), and some coca-cola. Yes, coca-cola for breakfast.

Mazin preparing our gazebo tent:

Underwater fun with fellow guests:

After breakfast, we went out for a snorkel. It was my very first time doing it without a life jacket. But, I have a guide with me, the life-guard-yatch-driver. He asked me to hold his right hand with my left hand while my right hand was holding my camera. It’s not an underwater camera but I bought an underwater case. Yes, holding hands under water, lol.

corals in Maldives

When I saw this one, I shake his hand and we stopped for a while. I took out my mouthpiece and asked him, “Are we going there?” He said yes. I said, “No, we are not going there. I am not going there.” He looked at me intently and said in a fierce voice, “NO AFRAID”. I took my one last, deep breath and said, “Okay, no afraid.” In my mind, I was like, “Ohhhh shit!”

He guide my hand to his shoulder while he freely swam and I admit it, I enjoyed the view. I have to set my mind that I have a guide with me and everything will be okay. And I even murmur underwater, wow…. and all the fear was gone but still, I’m holding his shoulder.

snorkeling in Maldives

It was like a different world. It was beautiful and peaceful down under than above. The sad thing was that my camera battery died, haha. It didn’t survive.

After snorkeling for around 15 mins, we head back to the island and saw our gazebo tent is done! Yeyyy!

Maldives deserted island

After drying up, they prepare snacks for us and we played UNO card.

After having our lunch, we took a nap and started snorkeling again. I didn’t brought my camera this time because I didn’t bring my spare battery in the island. Heck! There was still a lot to see and we even saw scissor fish and big stingray and baby sharks. I feel like hugging all of them, haha.

After snorkeling for about 30 mins or so, we head back to the island, playing the turquoise water and having some snacks again, chatting, and anything we want to do. We set back the yatch at around 4PM and one of the couple stayed in the island for a night. You have to let Mazin know in advance if you want to stay in the island, with a charge and a staff, of course.


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