Reasons Why You Should Travel ALONE

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You are purely ALIVE

Traveling alone will make you purely alive. Why? Because you will become alert in your surroundings. You have to take care of yourself. You are responsible of yourself. It’s all about yourself. You survive the language that you haven’t heard before, the unfamiliar environment, the food that you haven’t tried before, the travel here and there, and the stops you make to ask the locals for your destination, in which some will only look at you and some are very helpful.

You are a survivor of everything if you travel alone. And when you came back home in one peace, you lay down on your bed and all you will say, “God, I did it. I will surely do it again!” And you feel purely alive.

You might get LOST

Getting lost is not fun, only if there is no source of water around. But getting lost in the busy street of Tokyo, in a crystal clear water of Maldives, in the beautiful sceneries of the Philippines, to the incredible view of Bagan, and wherever in the world where people will surely give you direction and some will even give you food, don’t tell me it’s not fun.

You become an OBSERVER

In our day to day life, we walk fast to get home, sometimes we run just to watch that evening show. We don’t care anymore. Travel alone and you will understand.

Traveling alone will make you an observer. You observe the old man how slow he walk and had a hard time taping his card to go out the MRT and you alone helping him because you are the only one who noticed him. Others are rushing home. You become a hero to others.

You observe how beautiful a sunset is but you never notice that the beauty is just outside your own window in your home. Way back home, everything was just normal. In your outside world, you find time to relax and observe.


Then that wanderlust in you woke up. You are thinking the next adventure after you put down your bag at your living room. You are thinking where to go and what to do next. All alone and it makes your heart pump. You get excited and smiling. And you have a lot of stories to tell.

You become an EXPLORER then an EXPERT

You found a good place to relax and suddenly you decided to submit a review to tripadvisor because you love the place and to your dismay, it isn’t in the list. So there you go, submitting a new found place and you become an explorer! You may even become an expert to your friends. Asking you how to go, which is the best place, the amount of money they should bring and the never-ending questions.

There is no drama and you feel awesome, isn’t it?

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