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After so much discussion at the place, we agreed to try Scuba diving rather than Sea-walking.  We were scared but nobody’s talking about it.  You can feel the tense in the group because we all asked questions like:

Jeff:  Is it safe?

Me:  I cannot swim in deep waters.

Sheryl:  Is there a shark?

Jill: I cannot swim.

Funny questions right?

Diving instructor:  Don’t worry, just follow what I said.

We were like, okay, he’s a diving-expert-instructor anyway.  This is it!  No turning back.  We will dive into the ocean. Wohooo!!

Before sending us into deep (not so deep, just 5 meters deep) water, the instructor brief us how to use the oxygen, what are the sign languages we need to use deep down and some other safety measurement.  We thought there was a swimming pool for us to practice, there was only pale.

See Jill? (right side).  She doesn’t want to use the mouthpiece, hahaha.

Before leaving for a dive:

When we arrived at the location, the instructor put a heavy belt metal on our waist to let us go down or else we will end up snorkeling.  It was heavy, around 10 kilos.  Then he let us go to the side of the boat one by one and let us go down before he put the oxygen.  I was the last one went out the boat and I saw him dipping the head of the three to practice and see down there.  It was my turn to practice and I was agitated.  I looked down and got scared!  It was like looking on the very tall building down below, where the corals are the cars.

Then I saw our instructor bringing them one by one to somewhere I don’t know.  It was Jill’s turn and I heard her say, “I float!”  I feel like bursting to laughter but I can’t because of the mouthpiece on my mouth.  Then the instructor said not to flip her feet.  I was thinking, “Oh, that’s the secret not to float.”

Then my turn.  He was guiding us and put us together, one by one, in a big rock and let us hold it.  The water was wavy and I feel like floating back to the top.  Then again, one by one, he send us to somewhere that I also don’t know.  I stayed in the rock for a few minutes and I feel like my nose needs air.  When I saw our instructor, I make a sign that I need to go up.  When we were up, he asked me if I’m okay, I said yes, I just need air.  He let me rest for a while and went back down and then there’s a younger instructor, (I said younger, not handsome), who took me and let me go down.

It’s a five-meters deep and I feel a bit scared and amazed at the same time.  Then I saw our instructor feeding fish and I look at his back and saw an endless dark place so I asked my guide again to let me go up.  I was there for around 5 minutes only.  When we reached on top, he asked me if I’m okay and I said yes, I want to go back to the boat and let them finish the dive. Jill came up after 2 minutes as well.  She said she cannot take the pain of her ears anymore.

Sheryl and the fish.  Well, one brave beautiful young lady.  She stays deep down until the time is done.

It was an overall great experience for us.  We got to share our fears in the water and what it’s like down there.  Hmmmm… I probably do it again but I need a lot of practice.

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