Storm Won’t Stop Me from going to Bohol

Notes by yeyette on Sunday, March 15th, 2015 under Visayas
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I arrived at Mactan International Airport from Laguindingan Airport at 9:50AM (I didn’t booked from Cagayan de Oro to Tagbilaran Airport directly), 20 minutes earlier than expected. I took a yellow cab going to the port. The taxi fare from MCIA (Mactan Cebu International Airport) was Php286 (USD6.45).

When we arrived at Terminal 1, somebody approached me and guide me to a store to buy a ticket. I gave the guy who sent me to the store where I can buy a ferry ticket a Php12 (USD0.30). He don’t want to accept it, he wants me to buy a stuff from him. I told him that that is the only change that I have.  The ticket cost was Php200 (USD4.50) from Cebu port to Tobigon port. There is also a terminal fee of Php25 (USD0.60). After payment, the cashier told me to just go inside the Terminal 1 and wait for the shuttle to send us to Terminal 3.  It was already 11AM and I still have 15 minutes to wait before the ferry will left. The schedule to leave was 11:15AM. The ferry was a seajet and it was a fastcraft type, which will be 45 minutes travel time.

11:15AM and there was no shuttle to be seen. News all over that Vongfong typhoon is heading to Japan and the tail of the typhoon is in the Philippines, particularly Visayas area. It is stronger than typhoon Haiyan that hits Philippines last 2013. Then, the customer service announces for travel cancellation but not including our ship number. I was waiting patiently. I was thinking that if our ship will be cancelled, I will go to Bantayan. 11:30, I approached the guard and he told me there is no cancellation announcement for our ship. 12:15 noon, the shuttle bus arrived. It was windy, very windy in fact.

We are only around 40 passengers. It was wavy and there was a “Perfect Storm” showing inside the ship. I can feel the uncomfortable movement of the ship. People are talking, getting anxious. I took out my headset, listen to my playlist loudly so as not to hear the cry of the movie. We waited for about 15 minutes before we leave the port. One of the crew distributed a plastic if somebody wanted to throw up. The Assistant Captain announced to expect waves along the way.

Way back in Cagayan de Oro, my mother was worried, asking me not to go. She said it twice on the same day, and again when I am about to go. I was about to listen to her, but then I was also thinking, what if nothing happens? And what if something will happen? Either way, if your time is over, then its over. So I told her just pray for my safety and don’t think negative otherwise. She keeps silent then. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother.

20 minutes past and my butt elevated from the chair. Not once, not twice but many times. I looked outside the window and there was no rain, only heavily cloudy sky with big waves. I closed my eyes, hold my rosary and say a prayer and called the angels to guide us all the way. One passenger sweats profusely and looks pale. I just murmur a prayer to let him feel okay. Then, I fall asleep. Maybe around 10 minutes and suddenly I felt the craft floating in the air and so my butt. I was shaking and my legs felt so weak. My palm started sweating. There were water inside the ship and the crew washed it away. I smell vomit and ointment. It was mixed of stinky smell and I felt relieved when somebody maybe pour an ointment on her stomach. I’m glad I didn’t eat lunch.

45 minutes became an hour to one and a half hour and we are still in the raging ocean. One passenger at the back stood, sweating and pale. The crew told her to just sit down and relax. He said this wave is nothing than they experienced before. And the captain is the captain of the storm, one of Bohol’s best captain, they say. I smiled, closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I keep my calm and said a little prayer.

2 hours and we finally arrived. It was a big relief. I said thanks to the crew and look up the sky, smiling, saying “Thank You”, to Him for keeping us safe.

The sky at the port.

The seajet that we are riding.

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