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And so, my ex-colleague wants to go back to Korea and asked me and our other colleague wants to go with her. Our answer? Of course!

And so the journey begins. Round trip ticket was only SGD500 via Vietnam Airlines. Visa was in gratis and was approved after 3 days for a travel of one month. Korean embassy in Singapore is in Newton.

Finally arrived in Korea.

Airport in Korea is big, but Singapore is still the best for me.

Waiting for her mom to fetch us. And you can also rent a sim card from the airport. Just top it up and return it before you fly out from Korea.

There’s a bus from Incheon International Airport to any bus terminal in Seoul. For more information about bus fare, click here.

We took the bus from the airport for KRW8,000 to a bus stop where Lucia’s mom will fetch us.

It’s not only the culture that excites me but the food as well. I love food!


Korean salad


After eating at Lucia’s mom’s restaurant, we went around and the place are so lovely and cute!

Yes, let Juno awaken your beauty!

Smiling all the way…

You’ve got mail!

And they decided to have their hair done, while I stroll around the area. No hair available for me, haha.

Dragon Bar

View from the parlor.

And just outside the parlor, saw these nice door going to a cafe.

Another coffee shop.

And a nail shop (do you call it nail shop? 😀 )

If you get hungry while shopping, upstairs of the the shop is a restaurant. Just go up and “meokuh!” (pronounced as mok-uh or eat in English). (Yes, they have homeless too).

Korea is a haven for a shopaholic especially those who like cute little things.

Tired of walking around? Visit Queen Karaoke Bar and scream your heart out.

These clothes are equivalent to SGD5.85 (USD4.35). Happy? Happy!

And shoes! Don’t worry, these shoes are not for ducks. Quack!

The new puzzle craze.

Lovely keychains.

Colorful lanyard card holder.

Eco phone case. They uses dried flowers and leaves in the case and it was beautiful!

I’m glad it’s not a threesome place.

Never thought that Nature Republic is from South Korea.

From hair salon to cosmetics to surgery clinic, South Korea is a marketplace for beauty products and some fake faces. You can see flyers posted everywhere for a surgery clinic and some even give huge discounts.

And they also have this mixture of coffee and wine which they called Coffine. Nope, I didn’t try because it was already late in the afternoon and coffee makes me wide eyed. I still need to get a sleep after the long flight.

Inside the Coffine.

Natureholic caffee bene (was thought at first of Coffee Bean).

Motorcycle parking area.

Because I followed the smell. Only I am not a fan of bread 🙂

I am not sure if she’s selling pancakes. I think it was a pancake.

I saw these fruits and the saleslady who’s smiling at me. I give her a sign that I want to take a photo and she nods and laughing. I bought a persimmon afterwards. Yum! By the way, their grapes is very soft, juicy and sweet. I love it!

South Korea has their own vineyard and winery.

Local delicacies. They are made of rice and glutinous rice.


Hello there!

I don’t know what it was but I was so curious I asked Lucia if where we can buy a cooked one because I want to know what does it taste like. She said we will go to a place where we can buy it cheap.

Walking further.

And they have a wholesale store.

Peter pan! Or, is he?

Koreans loves pork.

See what I mean over “cute”? They even applied it in their buildings.

Cowboy on the lose!

That tube is to suck the smoke if you do Korean BBQ.

Black and silver restaurant.

Fishes! Pick and cook.

They have a cool wall art.

Read his message. So, before you judge other people, put yourself in their shoes first.

Be like a child and have some snack.

Show your Uncle 🙂

You think Paris Baguette Cafe is from France? Nope, it’s from South Korea. And it’s everywhere.

A taste of Italy.

Korean mall.

A cafe with full of post-it.

South Korea MRT Map

There are shops inside the MRT in South Korea and you can even eat and drink inside the train as long as your food doesn’t smell. Unlike Singapore, you cannot even eat candy inside.

Inside the train.

I belong!

Toping up the ez link.

And they have these cool benches outside the MRT.

You will never run out of mirror!

Going somewhere…

Hello from the other side!!!

I felt eerie in this place but the only way to go out to go to National Palace Museum is to pass over it.

A beautiful tree.

Visiting National Palace Museum of Korea.

National Palace Museum of Korea

Colourful roof.


And the other one is hiding. Come on out, don’t be shy.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Angbuilgo, the Hemispheric Sundial.

Hemispheric Sundial

How small is that gate?

That’s how small it is!

And she really wanted to take a photo with these girls wearing their national costume, “hanbok”.

Flash wall.

Scarf shopping!

I always love the smell of Lush.

Honestly, I haven’t tried that churros yet. People are talking crazy about it.

The next day was Cheseok Day and I saw these family eating and the mom looks outside deeply and her face looks so sad.

Waiting for you.

Buying something to eat, street food!

I want one!

And remember that red thing inside the aquarium? This is it!

This is where the place Lucia brought us for a street food at Night Market.

And nope, I don’t like the taste. It’s hard and chewy and no, thank you. Just doesn’t like it.

And they have a huge coffee bean shop!

Brownie with ice cream on top. Yum!

Coffee ice cream!

Corner_be operating hours.

Tired after a long walk.

And they have this awesome wall tile!

A dating place.

Wall of art under the bridge.

I’ll go this part of Korea someday.

Just wow!

Made me smile.

Dancing lights and water.

The eye of the universe.

In love.

Yin and Yang.

Wishing well.

Hotel President

It’s More Fun in the Philippines!!! If you go to the Philippines, there are a lot of Koreans studying English especially in Cebu City.

Do you know how much this young coconut cost? Only KRW10,000! That is USD8.50 (SGD13.75). You’re welcome.

Cute kids shoes!

South Korea is known of its sweet strawberry. I love it!

Vertical garden.


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