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Below are the questions before my travel to Maldives and my answer is in the BLUE color after my travel in Maldives.

Information(s) I gathered a week before my travel:

1) There are no boats from Malé to the other islands on Friday. There are no boats from Malé to the other islands on Friday doesn’t mean there is nothing at all. THERE is a boat from Hulhule (airport) to Malé and from Hulhumale to Malé. No boats from Malé to the other islands on Friday meaning to those island that is quiet far from Malé, as far as 30 mins. Boats from Hulhule-Hulhumale-Malé still runs on Friday but there is a temporary stop of operation from 11:30AM to 2PM. It will resume afterwards. For more information regarding ferry timing, you can click here. If you have a hard time reading the schedule, you can contact me and I will try my best to explain.

2) There are no bus from the airport to Hulhumale but when I check some of the site, there are buses, only the timing is different. Solution? I asked the hotel to which I will stay and the owner, Nasih of UI Hotel emailed me back that there are buses. Problem solved.

3) I didn’t read this one. A friend told me that her husband told her that us, women, especially those who cannot dive won’t enjoy Maldives. Let’s see! Nahhhhh!!!!!! It’s beyond enjoyment that I felt in this country, traveling alone. Happiness or joy doesn’t only mean knowing how to dive in those pristine water. It’s a plus of course, but interacting with the locals, watching that beautiful, beautiful sunset gives me so much happiness. I did not dive in this country but I learned my very first, deep snorkeling and it was awesome!

4) I didn’t read this one as well (this happened after I traveled and posted pictures on my social media). A friend told me that he thought that we cannot stay in Maldives if we don’t have SGD1,000 per day. I told him that I spent below SGD1,000 for my 5 days stay in Maldives. Well, I spent $1,060 (USD760) including airfare in my 6 days of stay! My tip? Grab the airfare if you will received an email for their promotion. Any country that you wish to go to and you know that it is expensive then suddenly there is promotion even though it is 6 months in advance? Grab it! Subscribe all the airlines (mostly budget) if you wish and when they have a promotion, they will email it to you.

Traveling solo is quiet expensive than traveling with a partner. Traveling with a partner will make you split with the hotel/guesthouse cost, taxi and sometimes, food. But if you cannot find a travel partner, go travel alone. If you want to spend less than I did (except for the airfare), stay in guesthouses nearby Malé. You can check airbnb for guesthouses in Maldives.

As for the number 4, SGD1,000 spending per day is only applicable (yes, you can spend this much in Maldives) if you will stay in a water bungalow (lowest price the time that I checked was USD500/night).

So why stay at home? Travel to Maldives and be amazed by the crystal-clear waters.

Maldives aerial view

Maldives aerial view

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