White and Mantigue Island

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Beach! Beach! Beach!

Who wouldn’t love beaches? Camiguin is famous for its White and Mantigue Island for diving/snorkeling. If you won’t visit these islands in Camiguin, you all have a thousand reasons to come back!

White island is an uninhabited island that shapes like a half moon. The water is crystal clear and fine, white sands. The best time to go there is 7am or earlier to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. You may rent a big umbrella if you want to stay longer. You can also buy a fresh sea urchin for only Php50. It tastes like oyster.

White Island from afar

White Island from afar

See the crystal clear water!

Jealous now? You don’t have to go to Maldives to see a crystal clear water. Camiguin is cheaper than Maldives (wink! wink!)

Sea urchin, a must try!

Sea urchin

Sea urchin

You can see the Mt. Tres Marias from White Island.

If I could stay here forever, then I will!

And that is Mantigue Island!

Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island

For travel arrangements, you can check with Trekkers Travel and Tours or check at their facebook page.


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